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Macao Original Fashion Exhibition III Finale30 Jul 2019

Co-organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, ‘2019 Brand Story - Macao Original Fashion Exhibition III’ - running from 29th June to 15th September in Macao Fashion Gallery - is divided into three phases. Two local fashion brands are showcasing their creations in each phase. GODDESS ARMOUR and SANCHILAUfeature in the grand finale of Macao Original Fashion Exhibition.

Focusing on fashionable swimwear, GODDESS ARMOUR has themed the exhibition hall in a natural style, whereby the designers hope to expand the imagination of visitors through the setting, inviting them to identify with Nature.

Meanwhile, SANCHIALAU combines the style of modern architecture, Chinese charm, and the exotic atmosphere of Portugal in a combination of knitting, embroidery and modern art, reflecting the idea that ‘art walks into life; life integrates with art’.

‘2019 Exclusive Fashion Collections - Showroom’ - displaying local original men’s and women’s fashion brands plus clothing accessories - can be viewed in Macao Fashion Gallery from 10:00am to 8:00pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays).

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