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Sanrio Characters take a Bow in ‘Our Sanrio Times’03 Aug 2017

Since its establishment in 1960, Sanrio has created over 400 characters, including the world's most famous cat - Hello Kitty. From 28th July to 3rd September, Studio City is hosting 'Our Sanrio Times' featuring 100 classic Sanrio characters to let you enjoy a wonderful time with all the Sanrio characters.

The exhibition will include an antique Sanrio train, replicating the installation at Tokyo Gotanda's first Sanrio Gift Gate business establishment in the 1970's, a copy of the first Hello Kitty coin purse sold by Sanrio, over 400 collections from Sanrio Hong Kong, Japan and United States plus a draft created by the design team from the Sanrio Japan headquarters. A number of themed exhibitions include Sanrio Village, Doll Papers, Stationary House, and Strawberry Facility among others.

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