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2017 Wushu Masters Challenge Slated for Mid-August03 Aug 2017

The 2017 Wushu Masters Challenge - jointly organized by the Sports Bureau and the Wushu General Association of Macau, and co-organised by Macao Government Tourism Office, the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Fund of Cultural Industries - will be held from 10th to 13th August, with highlighted activities featuring Dragon and Lion Dancing, Taolu, and Sanda, combining and reinforcing the synergistic effects of sport, tourism and culture to create a sports and tourism branding event.

The four days of activities include the 4th Asian Dragon and Lion Dance Championships; the CKF International Combat Challenge - Macao, International Taolu Competition; Sanda Challenger Competition; Wushu Summer Carnival; International Wushu Coaches Training Course (Taolu, Sanda); Wushu and Lion and Dragon Dance Parade; plus closing ceremonies.

The events - hosted by several venues in Macao, including the Tap Seac Multi-sports Pavilion, Macao Forum, the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium - Indoor Pavilion, Tap Seac Square and Friendship Square - will surely appeal to visitors and residents of all ages.

All 2017 Wushu Masters Challenge activities are free admission, with all welcome to watch. For more information about this major event, please visit