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CAM and Macau Forum Organized Senior Management Internship Programme for Airports of Portuguese Speaking Countries 15 Dec 2011

The “Senior Management Internship Programme for Airports of Portuguese Speaking Countries” organized by the Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) and Macau Forum was successfully held in Macau and Guangzhou from the 28th November, 2011 to the 4th December, 2011. The main objective of this program is to strengthen the civil aviation exchange and cooperation between Mainland China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries via Macau, providing an opportunity for the participants to share expertise and experiences on the civil aviation industry and its development, and to become more familiar with the respective airport systems and forming professional and personal relationships.

The opening ceremony was held at the CAM Office Building on the 28th November, 2011, with the attendance of guests including Dr. Deng Jun - CAM Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr Chang Hexi - Secretary-General of the Macau Forum, Mr Simon Chan – the Macau Civil Aviation Authority President, Ms. Liu Suning – CAM Executive Director, Ms. Rita Santos – Deputy Secretary-General of the Macau Forum and Mr. Antonio Rato – Advisor of CAM.

A total of 12 officials and experts from Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor and Guiné-Bissau participated in the programme which allowed them to debate several relevant subjects, going from Civil Aviation organics and regulation to airport management, marketing, safety, security, maintenance and operations, as well as their related legal aspects and the use of IT and virtual networks to improve and innovate on the airport services. Positive feedbacks and opinions were fortunately gained from each participant about the programme.

In the end CAM organized a detailed visit to Macau International Airport (MIA), and also a full day visit to the Guangzhou Airport, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Central and Southern Regional Administration and the Air Traffic Management Bureau. The top leaders of these 3 institutions warmly received the Macau and Portuguese Speaking Countries delegation, mentioning their good cooperation with CAM and Macau and giving the course participants an opportunity to interact with the expertise in Guangzhou.

Mr. Nuno Évora Santos, the Director of S. Pedro International Airport, Cape Verde, on behalf of all students, made an address at the closing ceremony stating that after 5 days of intensive programme, the objectives of the programme were fully met, “with the Macau experience we could know the state-of-the-art on airport management in the countries involved, as well as learning and adopting new and modern practices of operation and management, to increase the quality and efficiency of the services we provide to airlines, passengers and users.”

The programme was smoothly processed with great support and contribution from the co-organizers, namely the Macau Civil Aviation Authority, ADA - Administration of Airports (the operator of Macau International Airport), SEMAC (the security company for MIA), and AIMS (the MIA IT services supplier).

The guests in the opening ceremony

CAM and Students on the visit to Guangzhou Airport and the Central and Southern Regional Civil Aviation Administration and Air Traffic Management Bureau

Guests, monitors and students of the Senior Management Internship Programme in the closing ceremony