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The 13th EAAA Coordinator and Working Group Meeting13 Jun 2014

The 13th EAAA Coordinator and Working Group Meeting was held on 12 June 2014 at Dalian New World Hotel, China. Participants from Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) including: Deputy Chief of Executive Committee Office & Chief of Corporate Communication and Policy Research Office (CPO) – Ms. Vicki Mou, Officer of CPO – Ms. Kaz Ng and Customer Services Director of Administration of Airports, Limited (ADA) - Mr. João Antunes.

The meeting was organized by Dalian International Airport Group Co., Ltd. and representatives from 13 EAAA-members all attended the meeting. The theme this year is “Integration Service System for Flight Delay" on which each airport conducted a presentation on the topic, sharing different delay problems, causes of delays and various contingency plans. All 13 airports member face similar delay problems caused by adverse weather conditions including typhoon, earthquake, heavy snow and fog etc. Macau International Airport aims to minimise passenger inconvenience when facing delays through providing a series of passenger services; liaise and ensure F&B and retail maintain their services, ensure airport facilities always available, inform passenger through different media channels to minimise passenger stranded at terminal.

The 13th EAAA Annual Meeting will be held in October this year when the management executives of all member airports will gather again to exchange and update information on the latest development of each airport.

EAAA members include: China’s Capital Airports Holding Company, Shanghai Airport Authority, Guangdong Airport Authority, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. and Dalian International Airport; Japan's Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd., Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd. and Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation; South Korea's Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Airport Corporation.

Source: Macau International Airport