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Macau International Airport Passenger Traffic Hit 5 Million - Setting New highs in recent years01 Jan 2014

Macau International Airport’s (MIA) passenger throughput recorded over 5 million passengers in 2013, reaching new highs in recent years, after the implementation of the three direct links across the Taiwan Straits in 2008.  To face the transition difficulty, early in the beginning of 2004, MIA started to introduce low-cost airlines to Macau and develop diversified tourist market, particularly by enhancing the development of the Southeast Asian market.  As a result of MIA’s initiative, the Southeast Asian market increased from 7% of total passenger throughput to 39% and a decrease of transit passengers from Taiwan from more than 50% to 7%; with the Asian financial crisis, a variety of natural disasters and political instability which impacted on the tourism market in recent years.  To be in line with the Macau tourism goal “build a world tourism and leisure center”, more than 20 airlines are currently operating in MIA, with over ten airlines operating in the Southeast and Northern Asia routes and international standard service, has turned MIA to become a more international airport.

In 2013, MIA recorded over 5 million passengers and over 48,000 aircraft movements, representing an 11% and 16% increase respectively comparing to last year. The volume of passengers recorded for the month of December was over 450 thousands and the aircraft movements over 4,400, which increased 10% and 16% respectively over the same month of last year.  During the year, MIA has closely cooperated with airlines and related tourism entities.  In addition, to strengthen the existing flight, MIA has encouraged airlines to increase flight frequency to popular destinations and also actively cooperate with travel agencies to develop charter flight services to drive potential market, and then develop into regular flights.  In 2013, MIA and some airlines jointly visited Zhengzhou, Tianjin Airport, and held promotional events, and MIA explained their incentive policy to the airlines.  Routes from MIA to Wenzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, and Kunming have been successfully launched this year.  The Asian Dragon airline has recently started operating routes to Manila route.

MIA also enhances customers’ services to benefit the local residents while developing new routes, by carrying out a variety of activities for all sectors of society. For example, free car parking promotion for Macau residents, special service to local students to encourage them to take advantage of MIA when travelling, etc., which have gained positive feedback from society.  Today, information technology is a central factor to lead economic growth.  By using advanced IT, MIA has launched a MIA WeChat platform to publish the latest airport news and for passengers to check flight and weather information, providing more convenient and personalized services to passengers.

Source: Macau International Airport