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Macau International Airport BeiDou Satellite Real-time Settlement Monitoring System Introduction12 Dec 2013

The runway of Macau International Airport is an artificial island through land reclamation. The pavements will be comparatively more easily resulting cracks and settlement. Therefore, regular monitoring of the airport runway or apron condition is particularly important for the safe operation.

Common method of airport settlement monitoring generally adopts conventional measurement approach, i.e. annual or monthly leveling to regularly monitor the runway settlement. The leveling can only be performed using manual approach. Ambient weather conditions and other external factors can therefore greatly impact on the monitoring process.  Thus, this monitoring process cannot be continuously and dynamically executed. As a result, this leads to difficulty to obtain holistic data and unable to respond to instant demand.

Macau International Airport BeiDou satellite real-time settlement monitoring system consists of one reference station on the roof of passenger terminal building, two other stations on both ends of the runway plus a system software platform. This system incorporates BeiDou satellite navigation technology, together with mapping, communication, control, computational and software engineering functions. It adopts a specialized high-precision data algorithm process to monitor horizontal and vertical displacement of the deformation area without interruption. This set up can now achieve real-time monitoring of the north/south runway end deformation status. Through analysis of settlement trends, the system can provide follow up guidance for decision making for subsequent site upgrading works.

The system has been operating continuously for a month and has already produced a steady data outcome.

Currently, China has been undergoing the critical period of BeiDou satellite navigation system development. The BeiDou satellite navigation system is already capable to provide continuous passive positioning, navigation, timing and other services in the Asia-Pacific region. The system is aimed to achieve global coverage in near future. Aside from monitoring runway settlement status, China’s BeiDou Satellite Navigation system can also be used in a broad range of applications, including coordination of traffics, weather monitoring, time precision function, CORS and other functions.

Source: Macau International Airport