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Macau International Airport Services Quality Maintains Steady Growth11 Dec 2013

For the fourth quarter running, Macau International Airport’s passenger satisfaction levels with services provided have registered signs of growth in the Airport Services Quality Survey hosted by Airport Council International. During the third quarter of 2013, and for the second consecutive quarter, a score of over 4 (4.16, on a scale of 5, being 5 the highest satisfaction level) was achieved, representing a 4% increase from the previous three months.

This score is a reflection of the sustainability of the improvements which have been made in service delivery and amenities provided to the travelling public. Encompassing the two busiest months (July and August) of the year in terms of passenger traffic, where family travellers and university students flew via MFM during the summer vacation and majority of them were travelling in leisure.  As a fact, approximately 91% of the sampled passengers were leisure travellers and 34% were under the age 26 years old.  

During the third quarter almost all service aspects posted an increase. The big movers were the Business/Executive Lounges and Restaurant facilities services, this is due to the improvement of the offer made available to the passengers which was fine tuned to cater for their needs during the appraised period. Passengers also showed their satisfaction towards the arriving procedures which comes to confirm that the Airport’s performance of less than 20 minutes, on average, from the moment the aircrafts parked until the last passenger picks up their baggage is a good result.

Also showing an improvement was the ground accessibility aspects, attributed to the relocation of the taxi stand to its permanent location, providing appropriate conditions for passengers to access these services.

For this year’s fourth quarter there are also improvements planned. The Airport public bus stop has resumed its operations in its permanent location, allowing for shelter for the passengers and airport community while waiting. As it is a festive season, passengers will be presented with a Christmas atmosphere created by the decorations set at the terminal and by the visit of a musical group and Santa Claus during Christmas’ festivities.

Note to Editors:
Since 2010, Macau International Airport has been participating in the world’s leading airport customer satisfaction benchmark programme - Airport Services Quality Survey (ASQ) hosted by Airport Council International.  About 220 airports in more than 50 countries join this programme, surveying passengers for how they rank and perceive the airport experience, facilities and services every month of the year.

Source: ADA-Administration of Airports Ltd.