Helicopter Shuttle Service

Macau <-> Hong Kong

Macau <-> Shenzhen


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    To travel between Macau - Hong Kong, and Macau – Shenzhen, you can also choose helicopter cross-boundary shuttle services. 54 flights daily between Macau - Hong Kong and 12 flights between Macau – Shenzhen are operating daily. Each flight takes only 15 minutes.

    You can book your flight through the reservation hotlines, via the website (www.skyshuttlehk.com) or at the ticketing offices as follows:  

    Reservation Hotlines:


    (853) 2872 7288

    Hong Kong

    (852) 2108 9917


    (86) 755 2345 8740

    Ticketing Offices:


    2/F, Macau Maritime Terminal

    Hong Kong

    3/F, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong


    3/F, New Terminal, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, Shenzhen, China

    Corporate Website: www.skyshuttlehk.com
    Online booking: www.skyshuttlevacation.com