Competent Authorities for Issuing Licenses

Documents Required

Transshipment Clearance Procedure

Export Clearance Procedure

Import Clearance Procedure

  • According to the rules of “External Trade Law”, all import of goods listed in Table B of the Chief Executive's Approval No. 487/2016 must apply for an import license from the relevant authority and submit it to the customs along with the required documents on the day of picking up the goods.

    Any imported goods other than Table B must submit the completed import declaration form on the day of picking up the goods along with the required documents to customs.

    Goods subject to health quarantine and plant quarantine, quarantine measures to be taken by the IAM.

    Importer can visit in person or appoint an agent with required document for clearance procedure.

    (Detailed customs declaration and clearance procedures can be enquired from the SA. (By phone: 89894317, e-mail: or visiting