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Macau International Airport Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) Replace and Upgrade Project - Sectional Completion Ceremony05 Dec 2011

Operational safety has always been the top priority in Macau International Airport(MIA) since its opening in 1995. Besides the pursuit of air traffic growth in both passenger and cargo sectors, MIA has been continually investing in replacing and upgrading airport facilities, for committing in safe airport operations, improving efficiency and service quality.

Communications, Navigation, Surveillance System (CNS) is the critical airport infrastructure for ensuring safe flight operation. Macau International Airport launched the CNS Replace and Upgrade Project in August 2009, and it is currently embarking the milestone stage. To celebrate this, CAM-Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. organized a Sectional Completion Ceremony for the CNS project in MIA on 08 August 2011. Participating guests of honor include Dr. Deng Jun-Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM, Mr. Simon Chan-President of Civil Aviation Authority of Macau (AACM), Mr. Ye Yixin-General Manager of Bank of China Macau Branch, Mr. Tsui Wai Kwan and Ms. Suning Liu -Executive Directors of CAM, and Mr. Li Peng, Regional Officer CNS of the ICAO Asia and Pacific Office.

There are eight out of ten CNS sub-system installations have been completed with full support from North China Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation of China. These systems include Automated Air Traffic Control (ATC), Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS), Aeronautical Information Notice Systems (NOTAM), Voice Communication System (VCS), Very High Frequency Systems (VHF), Field Surveillance Radar (SMR), the Secondary Radar System (MSSR) and Instrument Landing System (ILS). The remaining DVOR / DME and Telemetry system are currently in rigorous installation progress, all of which are expected to be completed before the end of 2011. The CNS replace and upgrade project has far exceeded the CNS definitive scope in strictly speaking. The newly installed systems will bring Air Traffic Control much higher capability in managing flight operational safety within MIA controlled aerodrome. And at the same time, it will substantially enhance the efficiency of MIA flight information service through this new intelligent automated system. In addition, it reinforces the green airport concept through implementation of environmental friendly equipment. Not only for ensuring flight safety but also it reduces energy consumption.

During construction of the CNS project, the entire project team is wholly committed to ensure proper equipment installation and timely project progress, thus maintaining uninterrupted airport operation. Giving the scale of complexity, the project team constantly encountered huge challenges. Nevertheless, the project is steadily progressed with full effort and coordination among all related entities. Therefore, Macau International Airport took the opportunity to express its sincere gratitude to all relevant project teams for their sustained effort in executing such a challenging project. By continuing this sustained spirit, it is believed in that the CNS replace and upgrade project will be fully completed in timely manner, teaming up the effort of making a safer and better MIA.
Participating guests in the ceremony also include Mr. Antonio Viseu-Sub Director of Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau of Macau, Mr. Chan Chong Keong-Deputy General Manager of Corporate Banking & Financial Institution Department of Bank of China Macau Branch, and delegates from Hwa Ao Air Traffic Management Technology Ltd., CAAC Shanghai New Era Airport Design Research Institute Co. Ltd., China Airport Construction Corporation of CAAC, Civil Aviation Telecommunication Corporation, Hong Kong Aviation Data Communication Corporation Ltd., AIMS-Airport Information Management Solutions, relevant operators from Macau International Airport, etc.