Competent Authorities for Issuing Licenses

Documents Required

Transit Clearance Procedure

Export Clearance Procedure

Import Clearance Procedure

  • Export Licenses:

    • License or declaration (please refer to Entry Forms), original must be used;
    • Bill of lading / Airway Bill or other similar documents;
    • Identification Document;
    • Invoice, correspondence, letter of attorney, packing list;
    • Other documents if any.

    Import Licenses:

    Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau – Group A (Livestock, animals, food)

    Health Department – Group B (Pharmaceutical products, chemical products)

    Economic – Group C (tobacco, liquor, petrol, automobiles, equipments and raw materials for production of optical discs)

    Office for the Development of Telecommunications and Information Technology – Group D (transceiver, radar and navigation equipment)

    Macao Public Security Police – Group E (arms and ammunitions)

    Remark: The above-mentioned groups and its contents are published in the export list (Table A) and import list (Table B) of Law 452/2011.