Competent Authorities for Issuing Licenses

Documents Required

Transshipment Clearance Procedure

Export Clearance Procedure

Import Clearance Procedure

  • Goods subject to licensing regime are published by the Table of Exports (Table A) and Table of Imports (Table B) or specific legislation. The Table of Exports and Table of Imports currently in force are contained in Annex II to Chief Executive’s Decision No. 487/2016. The import or export of goods listed on the Table of Imports/Table of Exports requires an import/export license issued by the competent authorities listed in Article 3A of the Regulation on External Trade Operations, or Administrative Regulation No. 28/2003 revised by Administrative Regulation No. 19/2016, prior to customs declaration.

    For goods regulated by specific legislation mainly for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under international conventions and agreements, e.g. ozone-depleting substances, endangered wildlife animal and plant species, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, rough diamonds, etc., their import, export or transshipment shall be subject to a license issued by the competent authority(ies) referred to in the corresponding specific legislation.

    At present, there are six license-issuing authorities in Macao:

    License-issuing authority


    Category of goods

    Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM)


    Live animals, chilled and fresh meat, live fish, dairy products, etc.

    Health Bureau (SSM)


    Medicines (proprietary Western medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine), reagents, infant milk powder, chemicals, disinfectants and pesticides, regulated medical devices, etc.

    Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT)


    Products subject to consumption tax (tobacco and spirituous liquor), petroleum products, CITES-listed endangered species and products thereof, rough diamonds, precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, optical discs and manufacturing equipment thereof, etc.

    Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT)


    Regulated radio communication equipment

    Public Security Police Force (CPSP)


    Arms and ammunition

    Transport Bureau (DSAT)


    Motor vehicles


    Refer to Chief Executive’s Decision No. 487/2016 for detailed classification.

    In addition, a license is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. It should be applied for from the issuing entity prior to the import, export or transshipment of goods and shall be submitted to the SA for customs clearance at the time of the import, export or transshipment of the goods.

    (Detailed customs declaration and clearance procedures can be enquired from the SA. (By phone: 89894317, e-mail: or visiting