Major Events

Macao Fashion Gallery Displays Local Original Brands14 Mar 2019

The ‘2019 Brand Story - Macao Original Fashion Exhibition I’ - hosted by the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre - enables designers to display their products in their own exclusive display space at the Macao Fashion Gallery in order to promote the strength of local original fashion brands.

Six local fashion labels feature in an exhibition divided into three phases, with two brands to be shown in each phase. The first phase started with the show of ella épeler and Macon from 12thJanuary to 31st March, followed by Lexx Moda, Zics, Goddess Armour and Sanchia Lau.

Ella épeler is a female fashion label that ‘upholds quality living marked by avant-garde pursuits, with lasting curiosity and innocence in the process of aging’ - via illustration and totem art. Meanwhile, Macon represents metropolitan retro and a modern leisure style featuring simple, comfortable clothes lending wearers a youthful, artsy look.

The Macao Fashion Gallery is also holding its ‘2019 Exclusive Fashion Collections - Showroom’ from 8th January to 31st December to display more than 20 local original brands of men’s and women’s fashion plus clothing accessories. Clothing styles cover casual fashion, youthful, simple fashion, black-white-gray architectural aesthetics and so forth, while accessories include exquisite handmade silk scarves, sterling silver accessories, personalised handbags, wallets, plastic bags and special women’s shoes.

Macao Fashion Gallery opens from 10:00am to 8:00pm, is closed on Mondays and opens on public holidays. For more details, please visit: