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MGM Hosts Celebrating Life - Ju Ming Living World Sculpture Selling Exhibition11 Feb 2019

MGM is hosting the Celebrating Life - Ju Ming Living World Sculpture Selling Exhibition at the Rippling Gallery, Roaming Gallery and Floating Gallery in MGM Cotai Spectacle from 14th January to 7th April, at which it will present the internationally renowned artist Ju Ming’s Living World series.

One of the most iconic series of Ju Ming’s works, Living World conveys his exploration of human sentiments using vivid and lively images and postures. Inspired by his multicultural experiences over some 30 years, several of his works depict traditional family values in particular.

Ju began working on his Living World Series with his colourful painted wood sculptures, later shifting his focus to black and white painted wood and wood relief sculptures plus sculptures hewn in their original raw wood colour. The exhibition displays over 40 of Ju’s unique wood carvings and wood relief sculptures.

Wood carving sculpture is deemed to be among his most significant creations as he carved directly onto logs with his signature sharp cutting strokes to create one-of-a-kind works. This exhibition also displays Ju’s twisted and rolled stainless steel sheets, bestowing upon the sculptures both a complementary sense of hardness and softness, like his wood sculptures.

Channelling his life philosophy and approach through his works, Ju Ming effortlessly reconciled the traditional woodcarver’s technique with modern techniques and modes of abstraction. His Taichi series and Living World series provide inspirational and exquisite forms reminiscent of the strokes employed in Asian painting and calligraphy. The maturity of his sculptural language and aesthetic incorporates the free expression of form and feeling, embracing at once the values of simplicity and environmentalism.

This free admission sales exhibition opens from 10:30am to 11:00pm daily.