• Fares*
    First 1,600 meters MOP 19.00
    For each 240 meters afterwards MOP 2.00
    Every 1 minute waiting time which the taxi is hired but not in motion at passenger's request MOP 2.00
    Each piece of baggage transported in the baggage compartment at passenger's request MOP 3.00
    Additional Fee*
    Taipa to Coloane MOP 2.00
    Macau to Coloane MOP 5.00
    When boarding taxi at the Macau Airport MOP 5.00

    ​* For reference only

    Notes: No additional fee will be charged when the taxi is hired from Taipa and Coloane to Macau or from Coloane to Taipa.

    Calling Service :(853) 2893 9939/2828 3283/2881 2345。