Airport Services

  • Duty Free Shops  

    Catch up on last-minute shopping in the airside departure hall. A wide variety of well stocked and reasonably priced items, from international brands to local products, make perfect souvenirs.

    Shilla Duty Free Macau

    Shilla Duty Free Macau is a one-stop shopping destination offering a wide spectrum of beauty, fashion accessories, liquor & tobacco products. We engage customers at every stage of their shopping journey with exciting activities, refreshing concepts and excellent service, delighting them with unparalleled shopping experience and irresistible value.

    Location: North Departure Airside Terminal (Towards Gate 1-8)


    China Duty Free (Macau) Limited 

    Located at the South Departure Airside Terminal (Towards Gate 9-12)

    Tel: (853) 2885 0380
    Fax: (853) 2886 1383


    Pastelaria Yeng Kee

    A souvenir brand with long history in Macau, Yeng Kee always strives for excellence to deliver the most authentic tastes of Macau to its customers

    Located at the departure level of the airside of the North Extension.

    Tel:  (852) 2835 2538



    Location: Departure landside, adjacent to post office.

    Operate hours:07:30-23:00

    Circle –K

    Whether it's an everyday item you forgot to pack, snacks for the road, or souvenir to remember your trip, you can always count on Circle K Convenience Store.
    We carry supplies and sundries including:

    • Packaged drinks and snacks
    • Personal care items
    • Grocery items
    • Phone cards
    • Macau signature items

    Located at the Ground Floor of Departure Airside Level

    Telephone: (853) 2835 5530

    Koi Kei Bakery

    Tracing its root back to a cart selling crunchy peanut and ginger candy in Macau at the old times, Koi Kei initiated the trend of making ad hoc almond cake and egg roll upon customer’s request at its shop front. It is currently one of the prominent food souvenir chain enterprises in Macau China.

    Located at the departure level of the airside of the North Extension.

    Tel:  (853) 28236088


  • McDonald’s

    Offers Western fast food

    Located at the Mezzanine Landside Leve

    Tel:  2886 1550



    MX The slogan of MX‘TAKE‧EAT‧EASY’ is summoning the new generation to adopt an innovative fast food concept: creating a carefree environment for the gourmet experience, demonstrating a relaxing lifestyle in our hectic city pulse, and making fast food tasting a new and stylish adventure.

    Located at the Mezzanine Landside Level

    Telephone:  (853) 2855 5912



    The famous American coffee icon is now available at the airport in addition to their many outlets in Macau. If you enjoy rich milky coffee, Starbucks is for you

    Located at the Mezzanine Landside Level

    Telephone: (853) 2855 5820



    Blooom is a local coffee company with years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, from green bean, roasting, to coffee training in the field of barista, cupping and roasting. We put freshness in the first priority and roast our coffee locally in Macau. Keith Fong is the Founder of Blooom Coffee House. He is also a Judge of World Barista Championship (WBC) and Coffee Power Championship. CQI Q Grader and Authorized trainer of SCA.

    Located at the Ground Floor of Departure Airside

    Telephone: (853) 6522 2634



    Food2 is a Hong Kong style café serving the delicious local food that customer will never get bored of. Besides wide variety of exquisite food, customer can feel the warm hearted service from our staff and environment in Food2

    Located at the Mezzanine Airside Level

    Telephone: (853) 2855 5922



    The famous American coffee icon is now available at the airport in addition to their many outlets in Macau. If you enjoy rich milky coffee, Starbucks is for you.

    Located at the Mezzanine Airside Level

    Telephone: (853) 2855 5850


    SAN MOU I is an experienced local food and beverage service provider established in Macao, 1999. Our branches are located at the mainstays of mixed-used districts, business hubs, and tourist attractions. With the support of customers and our experienced executive team, we make used of constant innovations together with fresh ingredients to offer our customers the unique Macao gastronomy culture.

    Located at the Mezzanine Level of the Airside of the North Extension

    Telephone: (853) 2835 5163



    Savor the variety of gourmet, Foodlane brings together 3 brands include Macanese Cuisine “Azores Express”, the Super-Tasty-Raman from Japan “Bari-Uma” and the Do-It-Yourself  steak house “Pepper Lunch”.

    Located at the Mezzanine Airside Level

    Telephone: (853) 6556 9861

    Chun Yang

    ‘LET THE WORLD TASTE TAIWANESE TEA TO SEE TAIWAN TEA HISTORY’ (JOHN DODD) Britain-Scottish, he visited Taiwan in 1860’s. John Dodd spent all his time to promoted and sell Taiwanese tea to the western countries. He created a ‘Tea Culture’ in the western, because of that, people called him ‘The Father Of Taiwan Oolong Tea’.

    Located at the Arrival Landside Level

    Telephone: (853) 6300 6281

  • Plaza Premium Lounge   Online Booking

    Located at the Mezzanine Airside Terminal, provides savor selection of light hot refreshment, hi-tech business and entertainment facilities and is the best opt to rest and relax before boarding to the next destination.

    Opening Hours 05:00 - 02:00

    Tel: (853) 8898 2150


    Air Macau Lounge

    Air Macau opened a new lounge at Macau International Airport on16 September 2015, located at level 2 of Departure Hall.

    The brand-new Air Macau Lounge can seat approximately 122 people and offers a comfortable environment and delicious food for Business Class Passengers to relax before their flight. Free WIFI access is also available throughout the lounge. The new opening of Air Macau Lounge reflects the Air Macau brand experience and to offer passengers both relaxation and enjoyment.

    Operate from 05:00 - 02:00
    Tel no. 88983376
    Fax no. 88983377


  • You will find a safe and convenient place to store your luggage at the Macau International Airport. The Left Luggage counter is located in the Departure Level and it is open 24 hours a day.

    Prices are as follows:

    Services Rate
    Hourly: MOP 10.00 per Piece
    Daily(24 Hours): MOP 80.00 per Piece

    - Storage for part of an hour is charged as one hour.
    - In any 24-hours period, storage is charged at the hourly rate or the daily rate, whichever is less.
    - For security reasons the piece(s) of luggage has to pass through a screening device before acceptance for storage.

    Small Carton Box: MOP 20.00 per Box
    30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5cm

    Large Carton Box: MOP 30.00 per Box
    30.5 x 30.5 x 45.7cm

    MOP 10.00 per Stripe

  • First International Resources (Macau) Money Changer Ltd. have 4 airport shops in MIA provides global currency exchange service.

    Located at Shop K, departure hall, Shop 8A (in progress) airside of the departure hall, Shop X, arrival hall and Shop Z, airside arrival hall.
    Telephone: (853) 28861532

  • New Smoking Lounge

    The MIA, as an international airport, strives to enhance its service quality. In order to provide a healthy environment for passengers, two new smoking lounges opened in the south and north ends of the airside departure hall. The air-purification system adopting advanced technology introduced from Japan. This machine separated smoking areas from non-smoking areas by employing "Air Curtains". This technology ensures that negative air pressure was maintained within the smoking area and eliminated smoke drifting outside the controlled area. The new smoking lounge can cater for 40 persons at the same time and there are advertisement boxes for commercial usage.