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Opening Ceremony of Oil Painting Exhibition in Macau International Airport---Painting by Tan Jianhua 18 Oct 2011

As part of the series exhibition in the Macau International Airport, an Oil Painting Exhibition by Chinese Contemporary Oil Painter Mr. Tan Jianhua, is being held at the departure hall of MIA.  The captioned exhibition is jointly organized by the Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. and Myth Ltd., displaying more than 40 pieces exquisite oil paintings.  An opening ceremony was conducted on the 18th October 2011, honorable guests that officiated the ceremony includes Mr. Song Yanbin, Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macau SAR, Mr. Leong Su Sam, Vice President of Macau Convention & Exhibition Association, Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM; Ms. Suning Liu, Executive Director of CAM, Mr. Eric Fong, Director of Marketing Department of CAM, Ms. Cristina Gomes da Silva, Director of Air Transport & International Relation of AACM, Mr. Chan Kam Chin, Coordinator of Myth Ltd., Mr. Cheang Tak Weng, Director, Myth Limited and Oil Painter Mr. Tan Jianhua. 

The captioned exhibition will last till 31st December 2011. Around 40 oil paintings by well-known Chinese oil painter Tan Jianhua will be on display at the exhibition. It offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of the artwork collections of Chinese old buildings, traditional Chinese alley, Macau landscapes,  etc. Some of the artworks were collected by collectors widely from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Western Countries.

At the ceremony, Ms. Suning Liu, Executive Director of CAM delivered a speech to highlight the event, and she indicated that while acting as the major gateway for tourist around world, Macau International Airport has always strived to present distinctive and diversified travel experiences for passengers.  In the previous months, Macau International Airport has built up an exhibition area, and worked with different organizations in holding various exhibitions at MIA to strengthen and promote concept of “Cultural Airport”. Exhibitions such as, “Wonderful Journey” Coloring Program Winning Works Exhibition, Macau International Airport AVES Photography Exhibition, and “Heart to Hearts” The Shortest Distance between Us” – Service Users ’Exhibition of Fuhong Society of Macau. These exhibitions enriched passengers’ experience while travelling with Macau International Airport. In the future, the Airport will continue to work with different cultural entities for organizing various exhibitions, aiming to make the Macau International Airport a real “Cultural Airport” in the region.