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CAM Chairman Deng Jun Led Delegation Visiting Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and Xiamen Airlines10 Jun 2011

Upon invitation from the Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd., Dr. Deng Jun - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) led a delegation included Mr. Ye Hong - Chief Representative of CAM Shanghai Representative Office, Mr. Eric Fong - Director of CAM Marketing Department and Ms. Fiona Pun - Assistant to the Chairman of Executive Committee Office to visit the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and the Xiamen Airlines. The delegation was warmly received by the leaderships of the two enterprises. The purpose of the visit is to exchange on experiences, enhance understanding of airports and airlines of both regions, looking forward to strengthen bilateral cooperation and realize positive effects on common developments.

The CAM delegation went to Xiamen on June 3 and was first received by Mr. Qian Jinqun - General Manager of the Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd., as well as Mr. Zhu Zhao - the Vice General Manager and Party Secretary. During the meeting of both sides, Mr. Qian introduced to the delegation the recent development of Xiamen, the airport’s operation and future development direction. The third phase of expansion was currently under progress in the Gaoqi Airport to construct the third terminal building in order to enhance greater capacity for the growing passenger and freight traffic. Dr. Deng also briefed the operations and future development planning of the Macau International Airport (MIA); meanwhile, he expressed sincere thanks for the long-term support and cooperation of the Xiamen Airport that the group’s diversified business and successful management mode presented a learning model for the MIA. At last, the Chairman encouraged the delegation to have “modest learning, common development and mutual exchange” with the Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd. so as to promote cooperation between two airports.

Others who received the delegation and participated in the meeting included: Ms. Wu Huifang - Vice General Manager of Xiamen International Airport Group Ground Services Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Yuhai - Manager of Xiamen International Airport Group Construction Management Department, Mr. Chen Lujia - Project Manager of Business Development Department and others.

After the meeting, the delegation went on visiting the Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd. and was warmly received by Mr. Hong Diesheng - the Chairman and Party Secretary, Mr. Zhao Dong - the Vice General Manager, Mr. Hu Bin - the General Manager of Passenger Transport Department and Ms. Zeng Yiwei - General Manager of Financial Planning Department. Both sides immediately had an in-depth discussion on strengthening future cooperation and common development, increase in the number of  routes. In the meeting, Dr. Deng affirmed the friendly cooperation relationship between the Xiamen Airlines and MIA over the past 15 years, and expected new development in the coming years. The Xiamen Airlines is one of the airlines in the mainland to have opened up routes between the mainland and Macao. It is the first airline to resume service after the “SARS” crisis in 2003. During the time of financial tsunami in 2008, it has always been upholding and developing air links between Xiamen and Macao. High degree of praises was gained for successful completion of several important chartered flights to Macao. In line with the strategic development of Macao developing into an “international tourism and leisure center”, Dr. Deng expressed the hope to continue cooperation and mutual support with the Xiamen Airlines, jointly promoting routes between two regions for broader local developments. Mr. Zhao Dong described the development status of the Xiamen airlines and operational business. He noted that with the active support of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, the Xiamen Airlines fleet developed quickly and had problem of shortage in pilots. They were now trying to solve problems of lacking large aircrafts and pilots in long routes. At the same time, they were developing cooperation with the Air China, China Southern and China Eastern to accelerate construction of route network to address the “short-leg asthma” phenomenon. He added that the Xiamen Airlines attached great importance to cooperation with Macao and has continuing to seek for development opportunities. Anticipating the future, the Xiamen Airlines will integrate its new initiatives with new changes in Macao market for enhancing effectiveness and income levels. Finally, Zhao, on behalf of the company, thanked the MIA for its support and assistance. The meeting was concluded in nice and friendly atmosphere.

Group photo of CAM delegation and representatives of Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd.


CAM delegation and the Xiamen Airlines representatives