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Media Spring Dinner 201012 Mar 2010

CAM-Macau International Airport Company Limited held a media spring gathering dinner on 11th March 2010 at the Ball Room of MGM Grand Macau. CAM expressed its gratitude towards the media, Government and public for their long time understandings, concern and support over the years.

Led by CAM Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Dr. Deng Jun, the CAM management team and media guests were present at the Media Spring Dinner. In the speech of Ms Liu Suning, Executive Director of CAM, she expressed the warmest welcome to the guests, saying that 2010 was an exceptional year yet a big challenge of Macau aviation since SARS. All unprecedented challenges: the globally affected economic tsunami, financial crisis of our base carrier, the outbreak of pandemic flu, the restricted frequent individual travel policy, cross strait direct flights and the volatile political situation occurred in South East Asia, etc. At its worst of time, the airport operators and the passenger airlines remained supportive to each other, going through thick and thin, overcoming difficulties and tiding over the crisis, in the end achieved a better operation result. Last year, the airport handled a total of 4.25 million passengers, cargo volume of 52,400 tonnes and 40,601 aircraft movements. Adding to the network with 5 destinations to Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Nanning, Laoag. Besides, the “Virtual Airport” concept innovated cargo opportunity between Macau and Jiangmen, this new model is proven to be feasible, invigorating the cargo business at Macau Airport.  Thanks to the joint efforts made by all airlines and airport operators, Macau International Airport recorded good traffic performance since beginning of the year until 10th March which handled 818,647 passengers, 9,387 tons of cargo, up 9% and 37% respectively compared to the same period of last year while recorded 7,357 aircraft movements. An increase was seen in the seat factor with 73%, up a 10% compared to same period of last year, while this spring holidays has a seat factor of 76%, with a 7% increase.

About the traffic growth in 2010, there is a forecast of 4.35 million passengers, cargo volume of 55, 000 tonnes and 43,500 aircraft movements.

Looking forward, Macau International Airport will continue to cope with the SAR government for the development of tourism, to forge ahead the company goal towards “the virtual airport” and establishing “A multi functional small and medium airport” model, integrating Macau Airport into the Pearl River Delta traffic network development.  Regarding the airport infrastructure, to progress the necessary infrastructure improvement works and the vision to build a green airport adhering to implement the"Small steps with fast pace " principle.

During the evening when playing the short video reviewing the many important happenings of the airport, it resonated and brought back many memories of the participants.  The room was full of joy and lively moments among the host and guests.

It was a joyful evening with Chairman Dr. Deng Jun, Executive Director Ms. Liu Suning and all Department Directors of CAM celebrating the spring dinner with the guests. Dr. Deng Jun, the Management team of CAM proposed a New Year toasting wishing all with good health and great success to all guests from Chinese, Portuguese and English media including Mr. Lai Seng Pui, Deputy Chief Editor, Executive of Macau Daily News, Mr. Chiang Sao Meng, Director of Journal “Va Kio”, Ms. Fu Xu, Director of People’s Daily Macao SAR Branch, Mr. Li Zi Song, Executive Director of Macau Lotus TV, Mr. He Zili, Director of Xinhua News Agency Macau Branch, Mr. Henry, Tam Kai Hung, Controller of Chinese Channel News & Info. Program Division, Ms. Wang Feng Ling, Bureau Chief of China Radio & TV Macao Bureau, Mr. Li Gong, Chief Resident Reporter in Macau of Wen Hui Daily of Shanghai, Ms. Yu Xiao Li, Director of China Radio International - CRI (China) , Mr. Feng Xinmin, Director of MASTV (News Dept.) , Mr. Joao Francisco Pinto, News and Progarm Portuguese Channel Controller of TDM, Ms. Song Wei, Chief Correspondent in Macau of China National Radio, Mr. Lam Chong, Director of Journal San Wa Ou, Mr. Kong Su Kan, director of Journal “cheng Pou”, Mr. Jose Costa Santos, Bureau Chief Macau of LUSA, Mr. Iu Veng Ion, Director of Longitude & Latitude Publication Co., Mr. Chao Chong Peng, Director of Journal Son Pou, Mr. Eric Lam, Director of Today Macau Journal, Mr. Kok Policarpo, Director of Journal Star Chinese, Mr. Ieong Cheok Kuong, Director of Macau Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Lio Hon San, General Manager of Journal “Hou Kong”, Ms. Pedro Daniel Oliveira, Jornalista of Clarim etc.