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Visit to Air Asia Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, 28th April 201112 May 2011

Marketing Department visited the Headquarter of Air Asia in Kuala Lumpur on 28th April 2011.  The purpose of meeting is to negotiate with the airline regarding its Agreement on its development plan at Macau International Airport.  2011 will be the 8th year of operation for Air Asia serving at Macau Airport.  The airport wishes to reinforce the future cooperation.

In the meeting, Air Asia stated that they plan to add more frequency from Bangkok to Macau in October that is up to 4 flights a day.  Besides, Air Asia is also considering launching Ho Chi Minh to Macau by the end of this year.  Macau International Airport will follow up with the further arrangement.

Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. Mr. Eric Fong Director of Marketing Department and Ms. Patricia Au Manager of Marketing Department, Air Asia Mr. Ashok Kumar Regional Director Fleet/Network Management & Airport Development, Ms Celia Lao, General Manager, Commercial Greater China, and Ms Subashini Silvadas had a meeting regarding route development.