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Cable Installation Project at Macau International Airport Suspended, To Be Continue After Relocation of Bus Stop14 Apr 2011

Macau Electricity Company Limited (CEM) recently carried out cable installation project near the Macau International Airport (MIA), causing inconvenience to the passengers there. In order to protect the safety of the public and visitors, the contractor has stopped the project until relocation of the bus and taxi stops.

CEM commenced the cable installation project at Avenida Wai Long (the MIA section) in Taipa early this month. At the early stage, the bus and taxi stops were moved out to the road. The contractor put up hoardings outside the arrival hall with temporary access in between. Railings were used to designate waiting area for buses and taxis. However, many passengers reflected that the project lacked supporting facilities which led to confusion in the bus and taxi waiting areas.

In view of this, the Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), Transport Bureau, Macau Electricity Company Limited and Administration of Airports Limited sent representatives to have observation at the scene. Signages were then installed for guiding passengers to waiting area of buses and taxis. The related authorities had a meeting afterwards to discuss about the measures facilitating passengers, such as requiring the bus companies to post route information at the exit. Besides, it was planned to send personnel to help maintain traffic order at the scene during the construction, replace railings by plastic water buffers and additional installation of transparent hoardings at the waiting area to provide a safe environment for passengers there.

The security measures at the construction site are still inadequate as confusion continued to exist, resulting in negative impact on passengers’ safety. Stop work order was immediately issued until the relocation of bus and taxi stops which is under consultation.

Temporary access between hoardings

Sinage guiding to taxi stop is added

Temporary bus route information posted

Supporting facilities for passengers with luggage

Railings used to designate the waiting area for buses and taxis

Passengers waiting for buses at the waiting area