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MIA recorded continuous passenger volume growth in August, keeps to serve the new coming routes02 Sep 2013

Macau International Airport records stable growth in passenger volume in 2013.  Until 31st August 2013, over 3.3 million of total passenger is recorded this year, in which increased for 12.5% compare to the same period of last year. Whereas traffic movement is over 32,000, a growth of 18.5 % as compared to last year.  The summer holiday has been the traditional peak season for travel.  The growth in passenger volume this August was significant due to a result of increased amount of local residents travelling for holiday and the number of tourists visiting Macau. The passenger volume in August was over 496,000, increased by 9.5% compared to 2012 with daily average passenger volume reached about 16,000.  Traffic volume recorded over 4,300 movements, increased 9.5% compared to 2012.  This August, over 160,000 passengers from Mainland China routes and over 186,000 passengers from South East Asia routes were recorded in MIA, representing an increase of 18% and 7.5% as compared to same period of last year.  Furthermore, MIA recorded over 20,000 passengers travelling through MIA and 160 movements on 15th August after the typhoon “Utor” passed Macao, which is a high record in recent years.
MIA also has new breakthrough in route development. There will be airlines launching new routes from Macau to Zhengzhou and Kunming in September.  The continuous route development to the Mainland China will strengthen the route network in between and also provide a wider range of choice for the tourists from South East Asia to travel with multi destinations. Consequently, it will encourage the economic and cultural exchanges of Macau and other cities in China hence enhance foundation to build Macau as a world center of tourism and leisure.

Source: Macau International Airport