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Anti-epidemic Measures to be Followed by People Entering MIA07 Jun 2021

In response to the latest development of COVID-19 pandemic, public institution of MSAR must strictly comply with “Guidelines on the anti-epidemic measures for government departments” issued by the Administration and Public Service Bureau (SAFP), and “Advice on the Management of Individuals with Macao Health Code in Red or Yellow Colour” issued by the Health Bureau (SSM). Macau International Airport (MIA) once again reminds all personnel to take temperature measurement and wear mask as well as present the “Macau Health Code” when entering the airport. People cannot enter the airport if they are holding “Red Code”; for people holding “Yellow Code”, who needs to get into the airport, must cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures and requirements of the airport.

In addition, Macau International Airport has temporarily suspended the personnel holding “Yellow code”, including airport staff and operation entities personnel, to perform passenger reception or shift to perform back-office work. The airport is also actively coordinating for arrangements and manpower deployment properly to reduce the opportunity of individual with “Yellow code” coming into contact with others as soon as possible, meanwhile, proper disinfection works are also carry out as usual to prevent the spread of the pandemic.