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CAM Response to Audience Call in “Macau Forum”28 May 2021

In response to “Mr. Iao” who called in the program “Macau Forum” of Macau Radio yesterday morning (27th May, 2021), Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) would like to provide the following information.

To cope with Macau Health Bureau in preventing the spread of the COVID-19, Macau International Airport (MIA) has applied segregation measures to separate arrival passengers of high-risk from low-risk areas since September last year in order to reduce the risk of cross infections. Due to space constraint and the current high volume of inbound tourists from low-risk areas of the Mainland, it may occasionally cause a decline in passenger experience and satisfaction. We sincerely ask for passengers’ understanding and cooperation with the related entry pandemic prevention measures patiently.

MIA has also implemented measures such as controlling the arrival slot time, adopting disembarkation sequence as well as controlling the flow of inbound passengers in different zones, reducing the number of people clustering in passenger terminal building, ensuring sufficient space for passengers to maintain appropriate social distance during queue time. MIA continues to maintain close communication and coordination with CDC in order to expedite the handling of inbound passengers and to shorten the waiting time as far as possible.

At present, signage has been added inside passenger terminal building, and staff have been arranged at arrival area to remind passengers to maintain a social distance when queuing, as well as to assist passengers to generate Macau health code which is required to be presented upon entry. To ensure air circulation, MIA will continue to improve indoor temperature and strive to provide passengers with a comfortable environment.

MIA hereby call for your attention again. In order to reduce the time required for health declaration process when entering Macau, passengers are encouraged to prepare in advance a screenshot of the Macau health code and effective NAT paper report with negative result at the departure airport. To facilitate the verification by the CDC staff when a paper NAT report has to be presented, passengers are advised to prepare in advance the original paper report or a copy stamped by the medical institution.