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Macau International Airport Strengthens Internal and External Epidemic Prevention and Control to Resist Mutated Viruses21 May 2021

The Disease Control and Prevention Bureau of the National Health Commission recently pointed out that the overall development trend of the mutation of COVID-19 is speeding up. The World Health Organization data shows that the frequency of mutation has gradually increased from 0.1% to 1.3%. The number of countries with variants discovered is increasing. As the international gateway of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the southern gate of the Country, Macau International Airport should always be vigilant when appropriate. CAM called an urgent meeting of Epidemic Prevention Response Committee last week with all department representatives, to remind all staff to raise their awareness of epidemic prevention, constantly update epidemic prevention requirements, and adjust existing service measures in a timely and appropriate manner.

After the meeting, each responsible unit immediately notified all operating units including sub-concessionaires and service providers, airlines, ground handling service companies, fixed base operators, etc. as well as the information company and security company participated in the meeting, must require their staff to strictly follow the epidemic prevention guidelines, airport guidelines and contract content, appropriately adjust existing service measures, strengthen organization and coordination, clarify work measures and division of responsibilities. The existing disinfection and cleaning plans are re-examined in accordance with the ICAO Public Health Guidelines form 3 (Public Health Corridor) and cleaning disinfection manual, providing toilet sterilizers to enhance cleanliness, increasing the provision of sterilized carpets at each entrance of the passenger terminal, for example. In addition, training materials on personal protection produced by CDC are provided to ground service company. At the same time, it is emphasized that the communication process should be kept normal and unobstructed, can be circulated all round.

In terms of customer service, CAM coordinates with airlines, ground handling service companies, travel agencies and related operating units to maintain smooth communication, and delivers information and services well. CAM also strengthens the awareness of pandemic prevention especially among frontline staffs, reminds them to maintain social distance, as well as encourages and recommends staffs to have regular nucleic acid tests. It was reported that the inactivated vaccine in China and the mRNA vaccine in foreign countries still had protective effect against the South African, British and Brazilian variants. CAM encourages employees to take vaccine by offering special holiday policy.

During the pandemic, ground handling company has been following the Government's pandemic prevention guidelines, and has reduced the risk of international cargo transmission in all aspects. The company implemented a series of upgraded hygiene measures and contingency mechanisms while ensuring normal operation of the cargo station, including compulsory temperature check and personal data filling for personnel entering and leaving cargo station, regular nucleic acid tests and provides protective clothing for frontline staffs, regular and thorough disinfection and cleaning of cargo station strictly, disinfects inbound cold chain cargo, etc, to secure the cargo station as it is one of the first lines defense of the pandemic prevention work.

CAM emphasized that only continuous and gradual orderly epidemic prevention mechanisms and measures, and stable aviation hygiene and safety order can allow gradual recovery of the aviation industry.  As to support the MSAR government work, Macau International Airport will plug loopholes in all aspects, actively ensure that epidemic prevention works are implemented and put in place at all levels.

Regular and thorough disinfection and cleaning of cargo station strictly, and disinfects inbound cold chain cargo.

Places rubber board spacer in rest area for staffs.

Disinfectants are provided in all public washroom to enhance cleanliness and hygiene.

More disinfected carpets are placed at the entrances of PTB.