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Macau International Airport met with Industry Pioneers for Smart Airport Development30 Oct 2020

Macau International Airport has been actively promoting the development of smart airport. Since the launch of the virtual airport strategy in 2005, it has been committed to promote the airport ICT infrastructure, upgrade & update various systems, develop the airport online services and actively introduce new technologies and equipment to improve airport operations & service efficiency for optimizing passenger experience as well. The Macau SAR Government attaches great importance to the work of building a smart city, and has set it as one of Macau’s future development strategies, including smart tourism, smart transportation, smart healthcare and smart government. Macau International Airport, as one of the gateways to Macau, also cooperates with the government to adopt the smart airport as its development vision. The new Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) pays special attention to the smart airport construction which comprehensively enhances the level of airport digitization in terms of smart operations, smart services, smart business and smart management. They will increase efforts on developing smart airports as one of the main targets in the five-year development plan of Macau International Airport.

Following the visit of Mr. Zheng Hong Feng, CEO of VariFlight Technology Co., Ltd. on 19th October 2020, the management of Macau International Airport then met with China TravelSky Holding Company and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd to exchange views on the smart airport development, including visions, concepts, experiences and practical solutions, to have a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding and planning of Smart Airport.

China TravelSky Holding Company Limited (hereafter referred to as “TravelSky”), is committed and specialized in providing high quality information service for air transportation and travel industry. With a history of over 30 years, by witnessing and participating in the reform and development of Mainland China's civil aviation, TravelSky has achieved its own development and growth. As a leading aviation and travel informational technology solution provider in Mainland China, its current customers include 71 hosting airlines and more than 350 ticket saleable airlines, 237 domestic airports, more than 100 Oversea airports, nearly 8,000 ticket agents and owned the world's largest BSP data processing center. Its services cover more than 300 domestic cities, more than 100 international cities, and enters the public service field through the Internet. The meeting between Macau International Airport and TravelSky was held on 20th October 2020 at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. TravelSky introduced the development framework of TravelSky Smart Airport, Umetrip app which empowering smart airport, the practical solutions for international airport business, and so on. Both parties had an extensive discussion on concerning topics such as baggage system optimization, system compatibility and airport digital transformation, etc. Participants in the meeting included: Mr. Lei Si Tai, Executive Director of CAM and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Airport Information Management Solutions Ltd (AIMS), Mr. Chu Tan Neng and Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Executive Directors of CAM and Directors of AIMS, Ms. Sharon Wang, General Manager and Mr. Patrick So, Deputy General Manager of AIMS. Mr. Rong Gang, Deputy General Manager of TravelSky Technology Limited, Mr. Lv Yan, Deputy General Manager and Mr. Pu Li, Product Director of Airport Business Department; Mr. Zhao Nan, Industry Development Director of TravelSky Mobile Technology Limited (Umetrip); Mr. Zhang Yu Guang, General Manager and Mr. Yu Geng, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Civil Aviation Information Technology Co Ltd; Mr. Ma Wei Bing, General Manager of Shenzhen Civil Aviation Cares Co Ltd; Ms. Tian Miao, Managing Director, Mr. Eric Jiang, Marketing Director of TravelSky International Limited, and Mr. Johnson Tong, Manager of Macau Office.

Group photo: Representatives of MIA & TraveSky

On 23rd October 2020, Mr. Lei Si Tai, Executive Director of CAM, led a delegation to pay a visit to Shenzhen Huawei Industrial Base. The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Hao Guoqiang, President of Global Transportation Development Department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and they have visited Shenzhen Bantian Huawei industrial base business exhibition Center and Shenzhen Smart Airport Exhibition Hall respectively. The delegation and Huawei team discussed and exchanged the ideas on Huawei’s Smart Airport construction and Industry Development Trends. As the world's leading provider of ICT infrastructure and smart terminals, Huawei adopts “Connect + Computing” as their infrastructure strategy, to deep plough industry business needs and strive to build a smart world with IOT. In the fields of civil aviation, Huawei has provided digital transformation services for more than 60 aviation customers around the world; and at the same time, it has helped to scale up the 5G Applications and accelerate the digital transformation for different industries. In the overall planning of the smart airport, Huawei emphasizes the top-level blue map design to unify the technology development route and build the digital base enabling the business to be agile and innovative. Macau International Airport recognized the importance of the overall IT blue map design, and had a wide discussion on the airport digital platform and application scenarios with the Huawei team. Other delegates included: CAM- Mr. Eric Fong, Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Sandro Kou, Director of Infrastructure Development Department, Mr. Gary Geng, Deputy Airport Director/ Director of Pac On Terminal Preparation Office, and Ms. Christine Chung, Advisor to Director of Operations Branch, Mr. Edman Lee, Deputy Director of Marketing Department, Mr. Kyle Ma, Coordinator of Pac On Terminal Preparation Office; AIMS - Ms. Sharon Wang, General Manager and Mr. Patrick So, Deputy General Manager. Participants of Huawei Technologies included: Mr. Moussa Huang, VP of Huawei Global Transportation Business Unit and President of Aviation Business Department, Mr. Jinhui, Chief Engineer of Civil Aviation & Logistics Development Department, Mr. Mike Wang, Senior Account Manager of Hong Kong Representative Office Macau Branch.

MIA Delegation visited Huawei Bantian Industrial Base Business Exhibition Center