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CAM’s Executive Committee Members Had Meeting with SMG Acting Director06 May 2020

On 28th April, 2020, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Dr. Deng Jun and the new Executive Committee members, which include: Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Mr. Lei Si Tai and Mr. Leung Henry Yee Hang, had a meeting with the Acting Director of Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) of MSAR Mr. Leong Weng Kun and his delegates, to understand the aviation meteorological requirement in Macau.

Aeronautical meteorology is widely divergent from general meteorology. Aeronautical meteorology is a professional subject for a flight, air traffic control and aeronautical information. Pilots, air traffic controllers and other civil aviation personnels need to grasp the state of atmospheric movement, obtain meteorological information, and understand the adverse effects on weather hazards to flight, and how to avoid these hazards in flight activities, to ensure flight safety. At the meeting, both parties expressed great importance to the work of aviation meteorology. CAM expressed gratefulness for the support from SMG and the professional performance over the years, which made the airport operations meet the safety standards set by the authorities for many years. At the same time, as the local civil aviation industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the complicated and changing weather conditions, coupled with limited airspace and other external factors, the two sides also discussed the aviation meteorological equipment used at Macau International Airport (MIA), and jointly invested resources to improve the safety factor, providing the most solid support for safe operation.

Participants at the meeting also include: SMG - Deputy Director Mr. Tang Iu Man, Acting Chief of Aeronautical Centre Mr. Chan Cheng Hou; CAM - Director of Executive Committee Office (ECO) Ms. Katy Lo, Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office (CPO) Ms. Vicki Mou, and Director of Airport Operations Department (AOD) Mr. Antonio Barros.