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CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group 5th Meeting Prospect on Market and Future Plans24 Apr 2020

It was about 2.5 months since the first working group meeting held by CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group on 30th January, 2020.  Macau International Airport (MIA) strictly followed the epidemic prevention policy of the SAR Government, and actively cooperated with prevention measure of CDC implemented in the airport, especially the charter flight arranged by the government, which we have contributed all our effort to make sure things go smoothly. The protective measure adopted by CAM, formed an effective epidemic prevention environment, and achieved zero infections for employees to ensure normal operation of the airport.  Right now, the focus of epidemic prevention is to avoid import of virus and reappear internally.  CAM Epidemic Prevention Working Group has held the fifth meeting on 22nd April, 2020 hosted by the Chairman of the Executive Committee Dr. Deng Jun, and the new Executive Directors, Mr. Chu Tan Neng, Mr. Kan Cheok Kuan, Mr. Lei Si Tai and Mr. Leung Henry Yee Hang to review the execution of the policy with other members in the working group, and anticipated the market conditions and further planning.

In the fifth meeting, three issues were mainly discussed for the current stage in order to cope with future changes and developments: First, the prospects for the passenger transport market in Q2 is uncertain, it is believed that when the market recovers, it can attract airlines to enter into Macau market by incentives. In regards to the airlines that meet the requirements to enjoy the route incentive policy stipulated by the airport, CAM has informed the qualified airlines of their corresponding credits, and the total involved amount is over MOP 40 million. In order to encourage the airlines to continue providing airport transportation services and to express our support for the resumption of flights in the future so that we could pass through the difficulties together with the airport operators, it was announced earlier that CAM plans to reduce some of the categories of fees for the period from 1st Feb until 30th Apr of 2020 for the airlines (not including business aviation, general aviation, aerial work, helicopters and cargo flights) and the qualified operators occupying certain areas in the airport, and the relevant details will be released to the involved airlines and operators in due time. The total relief budget approved is about 44 million. Second, Macau International Airport must have a sense of crisis, overall situation and anti-epidemic awareness. We should strictly check to avoid someone taking advantage of loopholes in airport epidemic prevention management and causing adverse effects. Third, it is hoped that the airport operations department will do a good job in the early stage of resuming operations, especially the supervision and inspection of equipment and security work to ensure safe operation. The contingency working group will conduct an inspection on the work of resuming production. The SAR Government has made decision the resumption of classes in middle school in early May, meaning that social activities will slowly recover. Employees should regain their mentality and be ready to plan for the work in the second half of the year.