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CAM Representatives Visit Fixed Base Operators at MIA Discuss Business Aviation Opportunities during Anti-Virus Battle12 Mar 2020

As COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, business aviation market faces difficulties under the impact of the global situation. To improve epidemic prevention and control, ensure safety , the representatives from Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), Mr. Frank Wu – Director of Logistic and General Aviation Development Department (LGD), Ms. Emma Tang – Deputy Director of LGD and Ms. Emma Zhou - Officer of LGD visited fixed base operators (FBO) at MIA – Macau Business Aviation Center Limited (MBAC) and TAG Aviation Asia (Macau) Limited (TAG Macau) on 9 & 11 March 2020, exchanged opinions with them on industry status quo under anti-virus battle, epidemic prevention and control, opportunities and challenges facing business aviation industry.


General Manager of MBAC Mr. Daniel Tang said that MBAC implemented preventive measures to reduce cross-infection risk and ensure passenger safety in the epidemic. Mr. Tang also said that as business jet passengers highly value the punctuality and privacy of business jet services, restrictions and quarantine rules to stem virus spreading reduced alternative destinations and led to a slump in business jet passenger’s willingness to travel, thus affected business jet movement growth. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s border closure policy also led to temporary suspension of helicopter shuttle services between Hong Kong and Macau. Mr. Tang said facing the anti-virus battle, MBAC will coordinate with Macau International Airport (MIA), promote epidemic prevention, enhance relevant publicity to introduce more business jet chartered passengers to visit Macau.


Mr. Wu suggested that MBAC could have timely contact with business jet companies, discussed with the industry on applicable market strategy in light of the epidemic situation. For instance, the cancellation of commercial flights triggers the demand of business jet charters from high-end business passengers, thus MBAC is expected to innovate business jet service mode, encourage business jet companies to implement new chartered services while catering for current needs of business jet passengers, develop themed chartered products, such as island tour, golf tour, wedding tour and so forth.


General Manager of TAG Macau Ms.Rita Tam said they promoted epidemic prevention, took detailed preventive measures to ensure a safe environment to business jet passengers, made timely update about latest epidemic prevention policy to the clients to inform them of Macau’s epidemic prevention measures and immigration requirements, allowing business jet operators and owners a reasonable flight scheduling. Due to privacy and safety of private jet, some first-class or business-class passengers of commercial flights tend to select business jet charters, which contributes to a positive growth of business charter movements in MIA. Meanwhile, parking space limitation in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) during the epidemic spreading also led to a flow of business jets from HKIA to MIA, bringing new opportunity to Macau business aviation development.


Mr. Wu suggested that business aviation industry need to grasp opportunity during the epidemic spreading. TAG Macau may take appropriate business strategy, tighten the link with clients, give scope to the advantages of business jet - flexibility, safety and privacy - meet the demand of clients, develop potential market and seize the opportunity.


In the anti-virus battle, MIA will coordinate with business aviation industry, give full play to the advantages of business jet, turning risk into opportunity, fight against the virus and break through the encirclement.