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CAM Chairman Deng Jun Meets with Air Macau Chairman Chen Hong Propose to Attract Emerging Markets Customers04 Mar 2020

The air transport of Macao has recently been affected by the epidemic, which has had a greater impact on passenger transport. Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), and Directors of the relevant departments, had a meeting with Mr. Chen Hong, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors and General Manager of Air Macau and his party to exchange and communicate countermeasures in a timely manner. At the meeting, Chairman Deng proposed to use the products of the Greater Bay Area to attract customers from emerging markets with "one center, one platform, and the base airline". He also learned that Air Macau has focused on improvement of its safety, personnel training, and stability and services in recent years, brings confidence to restore the market in the future.

Chairman Deng said that during the epidemic, the aviation industry cooperated with the SAR government's relevant epidemic prevention measures, the aviation market encountered much influence. The relationship between airlines and Macau International Airport (MIA) was interdependent. CAM was at a trough at this time, the Epidemic Prevention Contingency Working Group proposed preferential policies for airlines and tenants, with the hope to advance and retreat with the airport operating units. He pointed out that the civil aviation market generally will recover starting with developed core markets and gradually expands to secondary markets. Macau local tourism market relies on the mainland and its surrounding short-haul markets, but some cities in the Mainland and Japan and South Korea are relatively severe of the epidemic. At this stage, the number of flight cancellations is large at these markets. It is foreseeable that the flight recovery time may be longer after the epidemic has passed.

Chairman Chen expressed appreciation over the consistent funds and resources support that CAM has been rendering to Air Macau, and introduced that Air Macau’s continuous endeavor to consolidate the safety foundation during 2019, with constant improvement on the safety management standard and the production assurance capability, through safety management system (SMS) and team management, to reinforce the business skills and safety trainings so that both the safety management standard and the production assurance capability have been upgraded. The number of flight movements has been increased over 30%, via the central management and control over the operational resources, the operational efficiency has been driven up evidently with 10% increase of the on-time rate to now 75% that is close to those of the airports around Pearl River Delta. In line with the strategic goal tailor-made for the Greater Bay Areas, Air Macau has been aiming at the import-driven characteristics of Macau’s market, expanding the passenger source market with great effort, employing long-term advance sale catered for leisure travelers and diversifying the passenger source market, by which the load factor has risen nearly 80% in the recent 5 years. The main working plans in 2020 include continuous enhancement of the safety management, strengthening the aircraft maintenance support, improving the aircraft availability, stabilizing the flying fleet, elevating the pilot training efficiency, continue to improve service quality and retain high-end passenger sources etc. During the epidemic, the country suspended group travel to Hong Kong and Macao and independent tour visa. The number of passengers also suffered a large impact, but it also tried to keep the flight uninterrupted. They are confident that there will be a positive development after the epidemic and no plan to reduce staffing at this stage.

Other participants in the meeting include: CAM – Ms. Grace Cheang, Director of Finance and Administration Department, Ms. Katy Lo, Director of Executive Committee Office, Mr. Eric Fong, Director of Marketing Department and Ms. Vicki Mou, Director of Corporate Communication & Policy Research Office; the Vice Presidents of Air Macau: Mr. Liao Hanxi, Mr. Zeng Hualiang and Mr. Liang Shuang.