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CAM Airport Operation Department Response to Audience Call in Contents06 Feb 2020

In regard to Mr. Chan who claimed as one of the staff from the Airport Operation Department of Macau International Airport”who called in the program “Macau Forum” of Macau Radio this morning (6th Feb, 2020), the Airport Operation Department (AOD) of Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) would like to have the following response according to what he has mentioned in the phone.

1. Since 10th January, masks have been distributed to frontline employees. So far, 7400 masks have been distributed to more than 300 employees in the department, and frontline employees are always reminded to wear masks.
2. On 17th January, we have invited CDC to hold a seminar for airport staffs, to explain the precautions when facing the Coronavirus, on 21st January, another workshop was held to introduce how to wear the personal protective clothing.
3. Manual liquid disinfection machines were added to the airport. Started from 20th January, the cleaning company start to sterilize  public places every 2 hours, and upgraded the level of sterilize items to those used at places that require sanitary standards.
4. Add rubbish bins for discarded masks were placed at employee access areas. Four temperature measuring devices were set up to require employees to take their own temperature. It was stipulated that if employees' temperature exceeded 37.5 degrees Celsius, they could not enter the airport work area and report to their supervisor.
5. Starting from 3rd Feb, all staff who have been out of Macau during Chinese New Year are requested to fill in condition declaration form to submit for internal evaluation.
6. In order to minimize cross infection, starting from 3rd Feb, staff have been arranged to rotate for works while the rest shall stand by at home.
7. Strengthen the inspection to the air-conditioning system, and intensify the volume of the fresh air in order to fortify the ventilation inside the building.
8. Arrange vehicles to transport ATC staff from Post Guard 2 straight to ATC building, which has avoided entry into Passenger Terminal Building.
9. Starting from 5th Feb, hotel accommodation has been arranged for 10 non-resident staff who must report duty at MIA.

There were 91 aircraft movements carrying 5409 passengers at MIA on 4th Feb 2020, and there were 89 movements with 5798 passengers on 5th Feb 2020. MIA staff will stick to their posts as always and provide services to the international gateway of Macau. In line with the requirements and guidance from CDC, MIA collaborates with all operating departments and companies, being ready for action, speeds up all prevention and control measures, intensifies the effectiveness of cleaning in the public surroundings, fights the battle with concerted efforts, and accomplishes each task wholeheartedly.