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Macau International Airport Dragon Boat Team Excel at the Dragon Boat Race09 Jun 2014

Macau International Airport (MIA) once again took part at the Macau International Dragon Boat Race, in the “Macau Public Entities Small Dragon Boat Race – 200M” category.  The MIA Dragon Boat team battled down the strong rivals, delivering their best performance and outperformed at the race and achieved 5th place.

The cheering team, led by Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. (CAM): Chairman of the Executive Committee Dr. Deng Jun and Executive Director Mr. Leong Sio Pui; Airport Information Management Solutions (AIMS): Managing Director Ms. Sharon Wang; Administration of Airport Ltd. (ADA): Chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrick Ong and Macau International Airport Security (SEMAC): General Manager Mr. He Ming, together with MIA staff united at the Nam Van Nautical Center to cheer for MIA Dragon Boat team. 

The scene was bustled with excitement, with the MIA staff cheer out loud arousing the team’s morale, the MIA dragon boat team fiercely overtake their rivals in the race and achieved 5th place in the competition.  The outstanding achievements did not come easy, the MIA dragon boat team devoted their spare time and undergone a period of long hours tough trainings.  The team members were very pleased with the results and grateful for the support and encouragement from the company.  The MIA team fully demonstrates team spirit and sportsmanship, and committed to work hard on this activity striving for greater achievement in the future.  As always, MIA encourages staff to actively participate in different sports activities aiming to raise the awareness of physical fitness and cohering unity within our workplace.


Source: Macau International Airport