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“Mid-Autumn Pastry Specialty Carnival 2013” Hold at MIA19 Sep 2013

From now until September 22, one of the highlight of the “Mid-Autumn Pastry Specialty Carnival 2013”, the series of interactive tasting activities is taking place in the departure hall of the Macau International Airport. The event is jointly organized by Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) and Macao Pastry Specialty Association (MPSA). At the scene, there will be traditional pastry chef demonstrating how to make some of the Macau’s specialty food, liked nougat, almond cookie, egg roll, meat jerky and the festival moon cake, etc. The interactive activities attracted visitors stop by watching, with souvenirs and free tasting offered to them, bring rich festive atmosphere to the entire airport.

The “Mid-Autumn Pastry Specialty Carnival 2013” showcasing Macau’s reputable souvenirs and cultural traditions through photo exhibitions, distribution of brochures, on-site production and interactive tastings. Hosting the “Mid-Autumn Pastry Specialty Carnival 2013” at MIA, aiming to bring the pleasant traditional festive experience to the passengers, and be conducive to the Macau pastry and souvenirs industry to expand the international market. It is a chance for passengers to have some insight about the origins and culture of pastry and souvenirs, meanwhile, enriching the image of local cultural of Macau International Airport.

Source: Macau International Airport