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  • Macau International Airport always treats our passengers with warm respect and great care. We continue to offer comprehensive and convenient services to satisfy the needs of our travelers. These services include duty-free shops, banking service, Taiwanese visa center, airport lounge, smoking room and many more.

    Adding to all of this, Macau International Airport now introduces an "Express Link" Service. No matter whether you are an air-to-sea or sea-to-air passenger, you will be exempted from normal immigration procedures, allowing you to board your plane or sea vessel directly, taking you to your final destination。

    Macau International Airport has always played an important role as a gateway into the Pearl River Delta region and beyond. The introduction of the "Express Link" Service is another step to help our travelers optimize their time developing business opportunities, rather than spending it on travel connections.

    The Express Link Check-In Counter at Hong Kong Shun Tak Ferry Terminal

    Macau International Airport launched the new check-in service in Hong Kong Ferry Terminal, when the passengers arriving at the Hong Kong Ferry Terminal at 103, passengers can perform the check-in service with the same day valid ticket, all the baggage will be tagged to final destination. Passengers will be transfered by the "Express Link" bus to Macau International Airport departure hall and ready for boarding the aircraft.

    Full Baggage Transfer Service

    Our professional team will handle all you baggage, which will be delivered directly to the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal waiting hall or to the aircraft.

    Enquires: (853) 2886 1111 or (853) 28881228