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Customs Requirements

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Anti-epidemic Test Report Requirements for Entry Purposes

Anti-epidemic Requirements for Passengers Arriving in Macao

  • Customs formalities are conducted in conformity with standard international procedure, and as far as possible, in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (Annex 9). The Airport Customs Staff are under the jurisdiction of Maritime and Fiscal Police (PMF) and they are responsible for the enforcement of various legislations of Macau affecting importation and exportation of goods.

    All travellers may carry, without any formalities being required, articles of a value not exceeding 5 000 MOP which are not included in the list of products or articles subject to tax consumption or pre-authorisation.

    Tourists may also carry the following items or articles of personal use, which are not subject to licensing and are exempt from, value added tax:

    • 19 cigarettes or 1 cigars or 25 GR of tobacco or an assortment of these products not exceeding 25 GR;
    • 1 litre of beverage of alcoholic strength by volume exceeding 30% vol.;
    • Clothing articles, jewellery or sport articles ;
    • One camera and five rolls of film, one video camera and two reels of film ; one video-cassette recorder ; binoculars ; one portable musical instrument ; one portable record-player and ten records ; one portable radio, one tape recorder ; one portable typewriter, one portable computer

    Residents benefit from the same allowances granted to tourists for articles of personal use or which have been declared when leaving the territory.    More......

    Baggage Reclaim
    After clearing immigration on arrival, passengers can collect their checked-in baggage in the carousels at the baggage reclaim area. The average luggage unloading time, from aircraft to luggage belt, is nine minutes, and all baggage handling can normally be completed in about 20 minutes. If your luggage has not appeared after 20 minutes, approach the help desk for assistance. Free baggage trolleys are conveniently positioned in the arrival hall and airport entrance, along the main taxi drop-off area.