Airport Concessionaire

CAM (Official name: Sociedade do Aeroporto Internacional de Macau S.A.R.L.) is a private company founded on 18th January 1989 with initial share capital of MOP4,000 million.  After capital increase in 2012, CAM’s share capital is MOP4.96 billion. CAM is the public concessionaire of Macau International Airport, which it built and manages under a 50-year government concession, until 2039. Airport development, financing, and marketing are the main responsibilities directly executed by CAM, while most of the operational and commercial activities are under contracts or sub-concession to specialized operators in order to ensure efficient running of the airport to international standards.

CAM vigorously promotes and markets Macau International Airport to the worldwide aviationcommunity. Providing world-class service quality is a top corporate priority, and remains the cornerstone of CAM's continuous effort to improve passenger and cargo services and facilities.

CAM subcontructs key airport operations to various specialist service providers in order toensure efficient running of the airport to international standards.