MIA Tender Notice

  • Open Tender Notice

    Request for Proposal –“Design and Build of the Waterproof Construction for Cargo Warehouse (RFQ-238)”

    1. Company: Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM)

    2. Tendering method: Open tendering

    3. Objective: To seek for a fully experienced “design and build” Contractor to renovate the waterproof condition of the Cargo Warehouse Building Roof Top and relevant storm water drainage facilities.

    4. Release of tender documents:
    Tender Notice and Tender Document can be downloaded from CAM’s website www.camacau.com 
    until the deadline for submission of Bidders’ tenders. Please regularly check the website for any clarification or changes/ modification/ amendment in the Tender Document.

    5. Location and deadline for submission of Bidders’ tenders:
    Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM)
    4th Floor, CAM Office Building, Av. Wai Long, Taipa, Macau
    Before 12:00 noon on 24 February 2017 (Macau Time).
    The addressee of the tender shall be Chairman of the Executive Committee.
    The tenders received after the stipulated date and time will not be accepted.

    6. CAM reserves the right to reject any tender in full or in part without stating any reasons.



    1. RFQ-238-Tender to Web.pdf


  • Macau International Airport Company Limited (hereafter “CAM”) has established the website for application for inclusion in the lists of approved consultants/contractors.

    Any consultants/contractors which wish to apply for inclusion in the new Lists may visit the website ( http://www.macau-airport.com or http://www.camacau.com ) to complete the application online. CAM will evaluate all applications by using the information provided by the applicants in the completed application forms and supporting documents. Subject to confirmation of compliance with the required criteria, applicants that are found acceptable will be registered by CAM. CAM may at its sole discretion use the Lists for the purpose of issuing tender invitations.

    All costs associated with any submission in response to this notice and application shall be entirely the responsibility of the applicant. For enquiry on the consultants/contractors prequalification application, please call (+853) 85988871.


    Application for Inclusion in the Lists of Approved Consultants/Contractors