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Grateful Thanks to Colleagues---Macau Airport Resumes Operation after Typhoon27 Aug 2017

According to SMG, the typhoon "Pakhar" has landed at Taishan city of Mainland at 9:00am. It is predicted that the wind power in Macau will be reduced and will be changed to hoist typhoon signal no.3 before 1:00pm.

Macau International Airport (MIA) is grateful to the frontline and back up staff who have been in the post during the two typhoons. Their professional performance make the airport operation smooth and provide passengers with an uninterrupted safe environment and service.

Here, we would like to remind passengers the cancelled flights informed by airlines affected by the weather listed below (updated as at 12:30pm). Ones should contact the airlines directly for the follow up arrangement or call at the hotline of ADA-Administration of Airports. Ltd.(+853 28861111) for assistance.

Source: Macau International Airport